Medical situation training curriculums


Within the last years MEDCOACH has developed a network of high professional cooperation partners like ambulance services and highly experienced training experts. Together numerous of participants have successfully finished their training providing their patients the best medical care possible.

Within the last years the training centre in Vienna / Austria has become a major player in the Austrian medical pre-clinical education with more than 7.000 persons yearly trained in first aid and more than 1.100 yearly participants in paramedic training (at different levels).

Together with the Austrian Society for Simulation in Healthcare, a non-profit organization bundling the competency in medical simulation and a pool of instructors from the university clinic, MEDCOACH is focusing on this state-of-the-art training concept for medical personnel.

Best on the client´s needs and after a comprehensive analysis of the present and expected future local medical situation training curriculums are designed by MEDCOACH.