Professional trainings of all levels


Training is one of the key success factors of every high professional medical system. Within the last years highly advanced training standards have been implemented worldwide.

The best equipment is useless, if you do not have ...

  • ... it in time where you need it.
  • ... standard procedures.
  • ... clear rules of communication.
  • ... clear rules of competency and decision making.
  • ... one being responsible.
  • ... anyone to operate it correctly.

MEDCOACH and its cooperation partners have a long term experience in professional trainings of all levels, from basic life support to highly advanced medical simulation. Of course trainings comply with international standards like the ERC© (European Resuscitation Council). MEDCOACH believes in 4 main aspects of medical training:

  • Training should be based on a "train-the-trainer concept" to integrate local experts.
  • Training curriculum has always to be modified according to local requirements.
  • Training should primarily be held locally.
  • Practical training is essential.

Regarding the situation of medical emergency services three categories of trainees are identified witch each group having a focused curriculum:

  • Junior medical staff of different educational level (paramedics)
  • Future Trainers for basic training
  • Supervisors (senior paramedics, emergency physicians, commanders, ...)