Medical emergency operation centers

Command Centers

The main tasks of medical emergency operation centers are ...

  • to quickly evaluate the situation on site without being on site (e.g. by the use of standardized questionnaires) and eventually support the caller with first aid instructions on the phone.
  • to send the right emergency equipment / staff to the right place as quickly as possible
  • to coordinate rescue operations especially when several units are involved

Based on the enormous complexity of the tasks, the implemented information and communication systems MUST be individually adapted to local needs and resources.

Prior to any decision for a system, a comprehensive analysis of all relevant parameters are highly recommended. MEDCOACH offers its clients a profound consulting knowledge in different levels of emergency command & control centers, from rather simple systems to fully integrated operation centers including computer aided dispatch systems, digital alerting systems, mobile & portable communication devices on board of the rescue units with GPS data.


Electronic operation journals have become state enabling rescue units to collect the patient data on site electronically and immediately send them to the clinic where the patient will be transferred. Some of the journal systems can even be connected to the medical equipment used on site like ECG via Bluetooth© and therefore also transmit ECG´s, blood pressure, etc. Another advantage is the easy data collection for any implemented medical and organizational quality management since the data is collected in “real time” and easily analyzable.