Financial efficiency of medical emergency systems

Cost Control & Quality Checks

Financial efficiency of medical emergency systems is hard to evaluate. Nevertheless international benchmarks on the quality compared to the costs of running systems allow corresponding conclusions. Rescue equipment, implemented processes, applied staff training, etc. will be part of the analysis performed by MEDCOACH.

International treatment – either for a second opinion or for a specialized treatment – has become part of a high quality medical care worldwide. From the experiences of our VIP patient service MEDCOACH has developed a system for

  • Cost control / cost reduction and increased cost efficiency of medical treatment abroad.
  • Checked medical quality ensuring only the best treatment for patients.
Medical Quality

The main purpose of all checks is to increase the quality of treatment for the patients. Form the initial diagnosis (representing the cause of the transfer of the patient to the clinic) to the examinations and treatment applied till the actual valid outcome of the patient´s health, all parameters are checked to quality standards, transparency and conclusiveness with the invoices. The standardized system can be used for evaluating medical treatment abroad and for comparing different clinics in a region.

Cost Control