From major incidents to disaster relief operations

Medical Emergency Services

Professional medical care is one of the major issues in our life. Although the average citizen does not need it most of the time during everyday life it has to be available within minutes in case of an emergency. Medical rescue operations and the setting up of a corresponding professional infrastructure and personnel are without doubt a very complex project with numerous (organizational, regional, cultural, etc.) facts to be taken into consideration and for sure nothing out of a “standardized tool box” applied identically all over the world.

From ordinary rescue operations to major incidents or disaster relief operations MEDCOACH provides the corresponding specialists for each situation.

The basis of any recommended project or measure will be a comprehensive, on-site investigation. Present medical emergency infrastructure, implemented treatment and procedure standards and staff qualification will be analyzed by international experts


According to our client´s needs MEDCOACH offers the following modules:

  • Detailed, systematic and regional analysis of a medical situation
  • Identification of present and future medical needs and areas of optimization
  • Development of concepts to establish an improved treatment of (emergency) patient
  • Preclinical and clinical risk and quality management
  • Individually adapted plans of procedures for medical (emergency) treatment
  • On-site implementation and local project management