MEDCTM® Specialist in the Middle East 


Welcome to medctm®, a subsidiary of MEDCOACH and a professional consulting and project management initiative committed to develop and improve the business performance of medical companies in the fastest growing Middle Eastern market. 

medctm® bundles long term regional and cultural experience in the Middle East, market specific knowledge and highly reputable experts from the clinical sector as well as major international consulting companies.

The Middle East is an emerging market with expenditure on healthcare rising year on year. With rapid expansion in the private sector and with many countries in the region adopting mandatory health insurance policies, there is a new awareness of the importance of quality in healthcare and a concerted move to raise the level of medical care provided in the region. Although the business opportunities are available, the Middle East features certain characteristics, culture, language, mind setting, which pose a challenge for many western companies.

In this dynamic and challenging environment, companies require a clear focus to achieve near-term and long-term results. Medctm® contributes to real and sustainable performance improvement for its clients by a pragmatic approach and dispensing practical advice.

medctm® offers a comprehensive business development from commonly developing clients´ core strategy to local implementation and continuous regional performance and quality monitoring in the Middle East. The combination of expertise, local networking and outstanding commitment in combination with a tailor-made service package based on the clients´ personal requirements enables the clients to succeed in Middle East market.

medctm® comprises three core activities "coaching – training – managing". For more details please visit the homepage of medctm®.