Gulf region

MEDCTM® Middle East

Healthcare markets in the Gulf region are changing quickly. Due to the huge increase in the expatriate population, it is also one of the fastest growing regions with an estimated annual growth of 15%. Business opportunities in the import-dependent marketplace of the five main countries in the region have dramatically increased from where they were a few years ago.

Growing population, mainly dominated by the expatriate community in most of the GCC countries, has given rise to the rapidly growing market for healthcare and its associated industries. According to a recent study, population in the Middle East has exceeded 370 million and is estimated to reach over 520 million by 2030.

Saudi Arabia, as the richest regional market, has planned to increase the numbers of hospitals from 264 to over 500 in next 7 years. UAE is also setting trends in providing best healthcare standards on public & private level not only for the growing population within the country but also for patients from across the region seeking the best medical facilities.

Like in no other market cultural and regional aspects are crucial for your business success. Prevailing conditions change constantly and the competitive pressure is increasing day by day. In this dynamic environment, companies require a clear focus to achieve near-term and long-term results. medctm® contributes to real and sustainable performance improvement for our clients and proven market shares.

medctm® has specialized on this regional market offering our clients tremendous regional knowledge and experience. In this way medctm® enables its clients a time and cost efficient expansion of their business activities in the Middle East.

European products and services are known for high quality, innovation and future orientated technology. But very often these competitive product advantages cannot be turned into sales success. medctm® enables its clients to develop the ideal market strategy, to communicate product specifics directly and efficiently and to establish long term customer relationships in the Middle East.