Track for Success

Project Tracking

Keeping the track to project success

In medical surroundings projects are constantly at risk of failure due to internal and sometimes external factors. From strategic decisions by a steering committee to a correct and on-time implementation by the project team it is a long and challenging way. With long- term projects, permanently and quickly improving medical technology, new therapies and changing standard operations procedures an ongoing professional tracking of any medical project is critical for success.

Reviewing the stage status, reporting on issues, re-planning, taking corrective action, escalating problems are major project functions. The focus here is to compare what has actually happened against what was originally planned, and hence what is the forecast for the remainder of the stage end of the project. A vital element of project tracking is that a balance needs to be kept between planning ahead and reacting to

The complexity of major hospital projects makes it necessary to implement an independent, high level project tracking focusing on keeping the track to success.

The experts of MEDCOACH will guarantee the top management in charge of the project the successful implementation of the basic project strategy and ensure that the project will be on track and finished on time.