Founded in 2006, MEDCOACH is an international consulting, training and project management firm focusing on patients´ safety and patients´ orientated process optimization of medical treatment in the preclinical and clinical area.

Based in Vienna, the capital of Austria (Europe), MEDCOACH acts on a global level. Our clients profit not only from our professional competency but also from long term international and multicultural experience and corresponding specific knowledge. Cultural awareness is an important column of our philosophy. Apart from our everyday working languages German and English, Arabic language and cultural skills are self-evident regarding one of our regional focuses in the Middle East.

MEDCOACH bundles profound medical knowledge and expertise with professional process competency in the medical surroundings and long term, international consulting experience.

The medical sector is one of the most complex leading to different challenges and client´s needs with each new project. MEDCOACH therefore appoints individual teams for each client involving the experts exactly needed for the given task and the regional and cultural background.

medctm® and Schreiber Middle East Commercial Brokers are official subsidiaries of MEDCOACH bundling very specific business activities.