According to the increasing quality demands on medical treatment and clinical as well as rescue operations, MEDCOACH decided to bundle its activities in regard of patient safety into a Competence Center for Patient Safety (CCPS) with international experts. Consulting activities focus on medical risk analyses and risk management offered for all medical institutions.

A training and medical simulation center will cover different types of trainings for medical staff focusing on highly sophisticated trainings like crisis resource management (CRM) & team communication for medical staff and emergency units.

A critical incident reporting system (CIRS) already implemented in several major European clinics and ambulance services will enable to identify risks by anonymous reports on a secured internet platform of clinical and pre-clinical staff. Every notice of a mistake or a “near-mistake” is evaluated by a team of international university experts and solutions to avoid these risks in the future are presented to the clinic in consequence. Once potential for optimization is identified, especially designed courses will be provided in the training centre.

The Competence Center for Patient Safety (CCPS) offers all relevant aspects, such as ...

  • Risk analysis and risk management enabling to simulate clinical and pre-clinical situations for risk evaluation and risk limitation strategies
  • Development of standard operating procedures for clinics and emergency services
  • High professional trainings for medical staff (from task training to high fidelity trainings)
  • Crisis resource management (including research)
  • Product trainings on behalf of medical hardware and pharmaceutical suppliers
  • Operators convenience tests for medical hardware suppliers
  • External Consulting on clinical processes in rescue departments and clinics